Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parental Rights

Did you know that by federal law a child with disabilities is entitled to a one-on-one qualified aide in their classroom? This is part of your child's "free and appropriate education". If this is something that may be beneficial to your child they must provide it. A few people I have talked to who have kids in special ed/early intervention have aides for their children in school. I assumed that they were paying for them! We are learning a lot about IFSP/IEP meetings and what our rights are. Last night I read that it may be possible to get the school to cover his music therapy (although this seems like a fantasy to me). We will definitely look into that! The school is not allowed to use money as a reason to deny your child a service - I'm betting a lot of parents aren't aware of this. There are a lot of rights we are discovering that a lot of parents might not be aware of. I came across a website recently that has a list of 17 parental rights that most parents aren't aware of. That's a lot!!

The kids had a fun Sunday with Gramma and Papa. They went to eat at the usual Baja Fresh & had a fun time at the mall (where the boys really enjoyed riding in a toy helicopter). Dave & Judah came to pick up Willow after her nap. Then they all spent time at Gramma & Papa's house carving a pumpkin. Sebastian's favorite part of the day was listening to scary music in the car, apparently it involved zombies.

Scott & I attempted to clean house which ended up being me doing 5 loads of laundry, Scott & I both doing some couponing, & Scott using Dran-o on a sink. It definitely wasn't as much cleaning as I was hoping for. I bought some shelves for Sebastian's closet & a new spice rack for Scott with some store credit I had. I'm excited to see what we can do with Sebastian's closet. He's a hard working, house cleaning, weed pulling, organizer lately. I'm confident he will be the star of the closet project.

Gramma & Papa let us know that Judah said, "bank" when they passed a bank on the road. That's a new word! Sebastian & Gramma made some super delicious cookies & brought a few home.

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