Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Picture Cards

We got the kids to bed an hour and a half late.. This will be a short entry.

Judah put his pants on by himself for the first time ever today! (tight pajama pants) He had his best speech therapy session to date this afternoon! It was really good, 7 times better than usual. Last time I had shared with them how they use PECS (picture cards) in his classroom & that we would be doing that at home too. Today they decided to use consistency to help him progress & had made their own picture cards to try. Since Scott was running late to watch Sebastian & Willow, the therapist asked if she could just go ahead & start therapy with Judah. He looked back at me a few times as she held his hand, walking him out of the room. I kept telling him it was okay. Leaving the room with them was another milestone in itself! When I walked in to join them later he was in the middle of the room laughing & dancing in the bubbles the therapist was blowing!

All of the toys were out of sight at therapy today. Judah was shown 2 picture cards, each had a toy on it. He was asked to choose which toy he wanted. He would be given the toy he chose & we would all play with him. He let us know when he was all done with each toy (except for the cars, that was a tough one). At this point he was again shown 2 pictures of 2 separate toys. This was done the entire session. He LOVED it & made good progress. He was extremely comfortable, happy & trying his best to get words out. It was very exciting to witness.

The intern seems to be behind the wonderful new ideas that were used at Judah's therapy today. He explained to me that they are going to make a visual schedule for Judah. The schedule will be kind of like a video game, each time he achieves one level he goes onto a harder one. At the end of the schedule will be a great motivator (like an Angry Bird). It's a creative idea & a visual idea. Visual is always good for Judah. I'm really looking forward to seeing this in motion.

Sebastian still gets out of the car at school & does a dance on the sidewalk. Today at pick-up he smiled & threw his arms up in the air before he got in the car. He says bye to other kids every single day. One day there were probably 6 or 7 kids waiting to be picked up. Each one of them waved & said, "Bye Sebastian!!" It's pretty awesome to see.

Willow is saying whatever she hears other people say. It still surprises me sometimes. I forget that I have a parrot. :)

We are doing an entirely new potty routine with Judah now, very much like the one he has at school. It's going okay. I think he is getting used to it & it will definitely put us closer to potty-training than our old method.


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