Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homemade Bed Put To Rest

Judah had his music therapy at Mom's today. It went well. His therapist was in town for a meeting, so she offered to do his therapy here in Salem (since we couldn't make it to see her in Portland yesterday). He didn't leave the room to go play - I was worried he would. And he was fine with doing his therapy in a different environment. He wasn't as energetic as usual. Angie asked him if he was okay, she could tell he wasn't, even though he wasn't crying or holding his belly. They have a unique connection. And she understands his condition - she is very good at her job. When we were done Judah played upstairs for a few minutes.  When it was time to go he went right to the car! That was way too easy.

Sebastian, Willow & I spent the day at home while Scott had Judah at the ER. Judah's pains just keep getting worse this morning. There was a lot of screaming today. They did blood & urine tests & an x-ray. The x-ray showed that he was very "stopped up". They gave us a prescription for Miralax (supposedly much higher concentration than over the counter). I called the pharmacist to see about getting it filled at a different location since our pharmacy was closed. She let me know that the prescription Miralax was the same as over the counter. We will ask the doctor about this tomorrow. Judah's blood tests came back normal & we don't have results on the urine (which would show infection). The Miralax should have him going a lot throughout the week - doctor advised us not to send him to school. What caused this stoppage? Apparently the doctor told Scott that children with Judah's condition just don't know when they need to go to the bathroom (complete crap). Children with his condition have a LOT of medical issues that are often in that area of the body. They don't do anything to cause them! MANY of these children have constipation & numerous GI issues. That doctor is lucky I wasn't there, what an a-hole. His comments just got worse as he continued to stereotype & make ignorant statements.

At home Sebastian & I researched paper airplanes & made one called "the glider" which worked really well! On the website it was considered to be origami, but it really wasn't difficult at all to make. Sebastian wanted to CREATE all day long. He made a big soup filled with many edible ingredients (that no one would ever combine). The soup ingredients also consisted of items that he found laying around the yard. He didn't want to stop making his soup - it lasted for quite some time. Later he used the old crib box to make a bed that he could close himself in. This bed was in the middle of the living room, complete with his Spiderman sheets, Spiderman pillow, Pillow Pet for a nightlight and a cup of water next to his head. Willow enjoyed it very much as well. Unfortunately he had to put it all away after he screamed in Willow's face because she touched his money jar. She was crying & scared. I had to yell at Sebastian to stop (otherwise he wouldn't have heard me). Needless to say, he went straight to timeout after that. Then he had to dismantle the bed & put it away. When Scott got home Sebastian told us that he was leaving to find a new family and attempted to walk out the front door! He was back to his old self in less than an hour though. I think he really understood why he was getting that consequence & how extreme his behavior was.

Willow walks around talking on toy phones, lotion bottles, food etc. She mimics what we do on the phone, saying things like "uh huh, yeah hahaha!!! She'll walk into a room where I am while she is on the phone & won't even acknowledge me. Instead she will say a few words on the phone & walk out! It's so funny.

Judah ate an organic strawberry smoothie with coconut oil and a dash of Vitamin D today. He loved it! Another way I use coconut oil is in my coffee. Scott is continuing to buy gluten-free & we are slowly starting to change our diet. This morning he made gluten free pancakes. And have you tried Almond Milk?? Oh my goodness! Milkshake in a box!

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