Monday, October 21, 2013


The kids are chowing down the gluten free cookies like there's no tomorrow! We have 3 different kinds - graham crackers, snicker doodle & animal cookies. They love them all! Sebastian had a gluten free bagel with jelly this morning. Judah is gluten & casein free. He tried the almond milk today & loved it. They all had smoothies tonight. I made Sebastian & Willow's separate because they can have milk. I also added coconut oil to theirs. Willow loved it. Sebastian didn't like it. He told me I was not good at making smoothies and that it didn't taste like a McDonald's smoothie. He saw me putting honey in Judah's smoothie & asked for it to be added to his. Once re-blended with honey he had two big servings. Judah's smoothie actually had all of his supplements in it - fish oil, vitamin d & probiotic. I added coconut oil to his as well. It is a natural laxative. He also had 4 doses of Miralax today. He was uncomfortable & in pain all morning until he pooped. The rest of the day he was completely fine! He will be going to school & starting his new therapy this week.

Sebastian is also having bowel issues. He's on Miralax as well, just not nearly as much as Judah. It hurts when he poops, but has been getting much better. However, today there was blood in his stool, again. He showed me the toilet paper after he wiped & there was blood there too. It's worse than the last time it happened, which was fairly recent. He did the fecal tests last time & everything came back normal. We will see the doctor on Thursday.

Back to the smoothies.. Judah is usually very picky about his smoothies. Lately he has loved the smoothies I've made. There is no banana in them, so I was worried he wouldn't drink them. They are a fantastic way to get coconut oil & fish oil (strawberry flavored) in him. He is on almond milk now, so I use that in his smoothie. Organic strawberries, a sliced apple or pear, ice cubes, coconut oil & honey make up the rest of the ingredients. We go through frozen organic strawberries like crazy now. They are 5 bucks for a 10 ounce bag - we must find a solution to this & many other pricey food items that are entering our lifestyle.

Sebastian almost tripped in class today. When this happened, a small group of kids laughed at him. One of the boys didn't like it and said, "Don't laugh at him, you're just going to make him mad!" Sebastian said he had his angry face on & was so upset he approached the teacher about it.

The crib bed came out again today. It was turned into a work of art. Sebastian & Willow colored it with crayons. Sebastian wrote his name across the bed as to secure it as his. After the coloring was complete Judah decided to use it as a trampoline. He did that for quite a while & had a lot of fun. Eventually I had to remove it from the house.

The kids watched no TV all day today.

Potty training has been rough lately. This has mainly been due to Judah's persistent pains, but today it was just pure refusal as his pains only happened in the morning. I got him in a couple of times. He was cooperative & did everything on his own. But this morning it was awful. He screamed, kicked, cried & just wouldn't stop. Scott comforted him. I comforted him. We had to get to school. It was a difficult situation! I gave him his first cup of almond milk when we really needed to get going. Suddenly happy Judah appeared. Very strange.

Scott bought a massive amount of beef from a co-worker today. Apparently the co-worker has a family member who slaughters for a living. We won't get it for a while. I don't remember how many pounds he bought, but it was enough to bring the regular price down considerably. And he says it's the good kind of beef.. I forget what that is called. I'm seeing lots of hamburger helper & tacos in our near future.

Speaking of meat.. Yesterday I threw away a big hunk of meat that had expired. As I was taking the trash out this morning I noticed it laying beside the trash can with bees sucking on it. I tried to use the kid's shovel to get it into a bag, but the bees didn't like that. Scott came home on his lunch to deal with it. He had no luck with the kid shovel method either. He tried Raid next. That approach also didn't work. Tonight he was able to get it done, as the bees were gone.

Sebastian continues to throw out death questions at random times in the day. I wish he would stop thinking about it. It's a scary thought for anyone - for kids it's 100 times worse. Today he asks me, "How do you get in the ground after you die? I mean, who do you call?" haha! I would have replied "Ghostbusters", but that's not funny to a 6 year old, just confusing.. and he's confused enough about all of this business as it is. Unfortunately I'm no help.


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