Thursday, October 24, 2013


We just gave Judah an enema, per his doctor's instructions after he witnessed Judah in pain today. I feel like we should have just been proactive & done that a long time ago. Anyway, it doesn't appear to be working. We gave it to him about an hour and a half ago. We spoke to the doctor about it over the phone. She gave us different scenarios that could be happening. She also said that if Judah has intense pains or a hard stomach that we need to head to the ER. I feel so bad for Judah, we all do.

Judah's OT today was a much better part of his day. However, the OT assistant did not verbalize that she was an assistant and had no nametag on. If she is an assistant she is supposed to let that be known from the get-go - we read about that online. Anyway, she was much more helpful than the Tuesday lady. I won't complain. I'd like to keep her around. ;) She used to work for WESD (Judah's school district) and visited his classroom last year, but doesn't remember seeing him. Knowing that she was working WESD classrooms clued me in that she probably has OT experience with autistic children, which she clarified once I asked. That's good news!

While we were at OT, Judah was working hard to get into the inventory room. He gave the OT a run for her money as far as his attempts at escaping & going into forbidden territory. She wasn't able to get him redirected quickly by any means, but she WAS calm, patient & trying different tricks to distract him (since she really doesn't know him she doesn't know what works). I was more involved in this therapy than I was in speech. The OT believes that Judah likes being squeezed & having pressure on his body. She said he runs around and jumps everywhere because it makes his body feel good, which I'm positive is correct but not something I think about often enough. It's hard when you have children who are wired so differently. When they do something they shouldn't, you have to send one to time-out & give the other a bear hug. Imagine how confusing that must be for them!!

Sebastian & Willow spent most of the day with Gramma & Papa. After that, Scott, the kids & I went to the doctor & bombarded him with questions. He was helpful for the most part. We'll be seeing the other doctor soon too. That will give us even more info to work with.

Basically I was just on the run all day today with appointments & school. I told Judah's teachers to please write in his notebook on a daily basis. The teacher said they would "try". Most of the day in class he was having tummy troubles & in need of hugs & comfort. They called to let me know what was going on. He was letting them know that he needed to go to the bathroom, but he couldn't do anything when he was in there. Asking to go to the bathroom is great though.

He said some new words today. He told the OT lady to "move!" when she was obstructing the road he was driving on with his toy car. He is signing & saying "more" still. He said, "star!" and pointed to a star on a sign. When I was looking for Pixie he copied me and said, "Pissseee! wee! wee!" The wee was him mimicking my whistle. Even the teacher at school told me that he is talking so much more! While I was with him for 10 minutes at school he said, "blue!" after the aide asked him if he wanted the yellow scissors or the blue ones. His "t" sound is getting to be very clear. You can hear that when he says "Thomas".

We may have one more therapy option, I should find out tomorrow. If so, details to come!

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