Friday, October 4, 2013

Where Does the Poop Go?

Sebastian was so excited about me giving him money to go on his field trip (Bauman's farms) that he hopped out of the car (when I dropped him at school), gave me a big smile, did a twirl and threw his hands up in the air! He is such a character! He smiled at the girl watching him as he bounced down the sidewalk.

The student intern at Judah's speech therapy session was useful today. He told me some important information about the Star Program (the program Judah's school is starting next week). I told him I didn't see how it was really that much different than the others when I had looked at videos of it online. He said that the videos would have had the adult & the child working together, which they did. The next part he told me about was something I had not seen anywhere on the Star Program website. Apparently the adult works one-on-one with the child for about 10-15 minutes every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. They go to an area with absolutely no distractions, nothing in the area, nothing on the walls, sometimes a room with white walls & nothing else. He said the program was "extreme" and "intense" but has research behind it. What I read was that the child says what is on the card that the adult is holding up. If he is right he gets a reward. If he says nothing or gives a wrong answer the adult does nothing, doesn't say a word. John, the intern, told me that was correct & pointed out that the frustration builds in the child. I could definitely see that happening in that situation. Now I'm unsure how I feel about this program that his teacher & aides are so optimistic about. I wonder if they all know exactly what it entails? I do know that I am going to utilize the intern for more information since he is learning all of the current methods & his brain is fresh with details.

Sebastian's poop sample came back normal. When I shared the news with him he smiled. Then he thought for a minute and said, "What are they going to do with it now?"

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