Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Judah's First Blood Draw

Today was the big day. Judah was going to get his blood drawn, a lot. Four tubes had to be filled by a 40 pound, 3 year old boy. The lady doing the poking let me know she had no help today, so it was basically my responsibility to make sure he didn't move while she was sucking out his blood with a needle in his arm. He was energetic & getting into things when we were just sitting in the room, before we had even begun the process. I couldn't imagine how bad it was going to get when she stuck him with a needle. I covered his face trying not to let him see. I knew if he saw he would try even harder to free his arms & pull out the needle... because it hurt and because it doesn't belong there. After the first 2 tubes she said she could no longer use the vein and began looking for a vein on his hand. Knowing how much that hurts I suggested she try looking at his other arm first. She took this suggestion & quickly found a vein in his unused arm. Scott said you could hear the screams in the waiting area. It didn't take long for this woman with "no help today" to have help - nurses were walking in to see what the heck was going on. When all the poking and prodding was done every adult in the room was scrambling through the bucket of stickers trying to find any that he liked. He would look at each one and say, "no". They offered to let him have handfuls of stickers after what he had just gone through. It was pretty funny. "Do you like this one? How about these 3? Here take them all! What about these.." Strangely enough Judah skipped over the Cars and Hot Wheels stickers before finally deciding upon the Halloween themed stickers. It was interesting. He got a sticker of a monster, a jack-o-lantern and one of a black cat that read, "Happy Halloween!"

We were driving home & Judah saw that I was going in the direction of our house. He began crying & hitting Sebastian. Not wanting him to go through any more anguish & not wanting Sebastian to become a punching bag, I turned around & headed to McDonald's. Strawberry Banana smoothies & French fries coming up! That stopped the anguish.

Grandma & Papa came over shortly after we arrived home. They had just gotten back from their really long trip to Idaho. Sebastian let them know that they were gone for too long. They came bearing presents. Willow got 2 pairs of new shoes. She liked the bright, shiny pair best. Judah got a rainbow slinky & a tractor. Sebastian got a Spiderman watch with matching wristbands. This made for some very happy children. Sebastian showed Gramma & Papa his newly decorated Spiderman wall. He had decorated his wall by applying reusable Spiderman stickers that he had received from Meemaw & Granddad. He had done this  completely on his own. I had offered to help many times, but he wouldn't allow it. He is very proud of his wall & it looks awesome.

Willow walked around with a large bag over her arm the entire time Gramma & Papa were here. Her bag was filled with many small bags. All of these bags were the ones Gramma & Papa had brought with gifts in them. After Gramma & Papa left she continued to carry this big bag on her shoulder most of the night! She would put random items in the bag, take them out & then put them back in again. I think this is a stage most kids go through. She also does this with their plastic shopping cart. Also while they were here everyone played in the leaves. I have a few really good pictures on my phone from that.

Tonight we had gluten-free spaghetti for dinner. I liked it better than our usual spaghetti. Willow & Sebastian enjoyed it too! We couldn't get Judah to try it. I crushed vitamin d and put it in Judah's food this evening. We started the probiotic yesterday. We just need to get some liquid fish oil to add to his supplement list.

Today was the third day in a row Judah has peed in the potty at school! They said he stood up and clapped for himself when he was done. Tonight after he did the bathroom trip with Daddy, he came out smiling ear to ear, looking so proud. I think he was very, very pleased that Daddy was so proud of him & was praising him so much. Daddy rushed in to give Judah the sticker he had forgotten to give him. Judah was again all smiles. Today all I had to do was show him the potty card & he would get up & walk to the potty, even if he was busy doing something he loved!

I was up until 2am this morning making PECS cards (picture cards to help Judah). Tonight I will clip & punch them & hopefully finish his visual schedule as well. I think he will do 10 times better with the help of these cards. I will be making more eventually - there are so many to choose from! I found a free program online that has thousands of pictures to use. It makes the process so much easier.

Judah hardly had any stomach issues at all today.

Alvin & Susan will be here early tomorrow afternoon. There are staying in Medford tonight.

Tonight I was helping Judah get his pajamas on by himself when Scott comes in. He saw that Judah was holding his Angry Birds and said, "Judah can I have a turn? My turn Judah!" We always use "my turn!" Judah knows it well. Scott thought that freeing up Judah's hands would make things easier for him, which is usually a great plan. However, Judah had been setting the Angry Birds down to get dressed, so it really wasn't an issue. I let Scott know that. He apologized and left the room. As he was leaving Judah says, "Doe! Away!" (go away) hahahaa. This is a phrase I've heard before but it rarely comes out. I guess this was an appropriate moment to use it, haha.


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