Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meemaw & Granddad Have Arrived!

This morning was spent trying to figure out what my 3 year old was saying & trying to help him feel better. "Help" was about the only word that was crystal clear. His stomach pain seemed to be unremitting all morning. It got really bad for a short time, which was directly followed by a ginormous poop that went everywhere. Thank goodness for that. As soon as he was done he acted as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn't been in agonizing pain for 2 hours, no complaints. So that's how we spent the entire morning while Sebastian was in class.

Meemaw & Granddad arrived in Salem today after a 4 day road trip from Oklahoma. The kids were ecstatic to see them, especially Sebastian. He of course started by taking them into his room over & over showing them some new things & things they had likely seen before. He put together floor puzzles with Meemaw in his room and later she read books to him at the kitchen table. She looked through all of his class work from this year as he narrated. Meemaw and Granddad brought gifts for the kids. One of Judah's gifts was a car (from Cars) that could run in the water! This was so perfect for him because he is always plunging his cars & trains into the water. They are not water toys.  I'm not sure if he saw the picture on the box or if he heard me say that it could run in the water, but as soon as it was open he went straight to the bathtub! Then he came to get me to turn the water on. It's a pretty cool car, he loves it. Sebastian got a game that is very similar to Jenga. We all sat at the table & built wooden towers with the game pieces. Judah was using the pieces to set up Angry Bird scenes & knocking them down with his little plastic Angry Birds & green pig. I was continuously stopping him from knocking down the tower Sebastian & Meemaw were building. When I took the dog out Sebastian soon came out after me & told me that Judah had just gotten all of his phone time taken away (by him of course), haha. That's a consequence we use for Sebastian. It works really well. Apparently Judah was inside crashing Sebastian's towers. Crashing is something Judah seems to feel compelled to do, but of course Sebastian has a hard time understanding that - and it's a hard thing to explain to a little kid! I told Sebastian that we just needed to find something else for Judah to do. Distraction is a fantastic tool.

Potty-training was a real chore today. Judah kept dragging me to the changing table all morning. His diaper was always dry, so I'm not sure what he wanted me to do. For the rest of the day that's where he wanted to go. This evening I carried him into the bathroom to go potty. He was kicking and screaming. He laid on the bathroom floor & I took his diaper off. I figured well, at least we got to the bathroom, that was good enough for me. Then he suddenly got up & did the usual potty routine with no fuss - even smiling during the hand washing!

Scott came home from work and cooked chicken tacos for everyone. Willow sat at the dinner table shirtless. She had refused to wear her shirt most of the evening. The other day she felt the same way. She was out in the yard in nothing but her jeans & my black purse over her shoulder, strutting around in the grass while her brothers played. She is so funny. 

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