Friday, October 25, 2013

Awesome Friday

Awesome things happened today!
  1. I haven't seen a single ant all day!! Lately we've been finding a lot in our kitchen.
  2. Judah pooped! And pooped! And pooped!! I've never been so happy to see buckets of liquid brown poop in all my life!! Hopefully the pain is over. The last poop was before bed. We'll see tomorrow how he feels.
  3. Sebastian got an award for being respectful, responsible & working hard on his Spanish.
  4. Sebastian had his Fun Run at school today. He did so good!
  5. Judah & Daddy joined in on the Fun Run.
  6. Judah hopped in line behind Sebastian as Sebastian's class walked outside. Judah put his hands behind his back just like Sebastian & walked with them until they stopped.
  7. I spoke with the woman my mom referred us to as a resource for help with Judah's upcoming school meeting. OMG, what an unbelievable source. Add to that, she is extremely willing to help and even act as an advocate for us at the meeting. She teaches Special Ed law at the college & also has a special needs daughter with the same diagnosis as Judah. It will be like walking into the meeting with a machine gun full of law, knowledge & experience at our side.
  8. Sebastian played soccer, got his picture taken, and had Fiesta Friday (dancing in the gym) at school today.
Pretty sweet day indeed.

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