Monday, October 28, 2013

Migraine Frustration

Migraine, seriously?? I have too many phone calls to make today that involve USING my pounding brain. This is mad frustration!!

I got Sebastian to school this morning, as usual. I wanted Scott to do it, but unfortunately I needed the car for pick-up. I threw on my rain boots, didn't even change out of my pajamas, tossed the kids in the car and got him to school. I felt like I was driving with my eyes half open.

Judah had a big poop this morning. I didn't see him in pain at all today! Today has been his first pain-free day since his tummy problems began.

Judah went to the doctor this afternoon. She saw the new rash on his bottom (that just showed up in the past 24 hours) and said it was ringworm. Ringworm is a topical skin problem, and it is contagious. She prescribed an anti-fungal med. She also said that he has a vitamin D deficiency (very common in kiddos with his diagnosis). She saw this in the blood work results. We have been giving him 2000 iU of vitamin D since we started at this doctor. She recommended it. Now we know that there was definitely a good reason to be doing that!! He's also on a probiotic, coconut & fish oil.

Judah blew up the toy room this afternoon. The neighbors could have heard Sebastian screaming & crying. He had worked so hard to keep that room organized. I cleaned it up this evening after my migraine finally flew away. I tried to have Judah help, but that was short-lived. Willow helped some. I had no IDEA how organized Sebastian had that room. Every drawer (there are 8 total) holds a specific type of train track, size of toy, type of train brochure, etc. The block drawer is full of blocks that are stacked very neatly, with the small ones on one side & the bigger ones on the other. I photographed that drawer. He has also weeded the entire garden and the level above it completely on his own. He spent hours doing that!

Judah's school said they would provide us with the recent paperwork from Judah's file & claimed that all of the past paperwork was included in that. Scott will go in tomorrow to make sure. I don't think they understand that we want ALL therapy notes, tests, assessments.. we want it all. The meeting will be rescheduled. Judah's school occupational therapist (that we never met) is gone & they have a new one, who is on vacation this week. If it takes another 3 weeks to schedule a meeting to have the OT there we are going to demand to have one sooner. At this point we now realize that they cannot make us wait that long to have a meeting. We realize quite a bit more now.


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