Sunday, October 13, 2013

Progress, Progress, Progress!!

Gosh, lots of Judah progress today! The boys spent time outside playing in the leaves - I made a cute video. While I was taking photos I accidentally knocked my coffee over on the ground. Judah found it, looked inside the cup & said, "Oh no". Then he brought it to me and said, "Mommy look!" - a completely new phrase for him. I responded with something like, "Thank you SO MUCH Judah!" and hugged him, haha. It was incredible, and he didn't even seem to realize that it was the first time he had ever said that to me. He was effortlessly putting two words together that he already knew in an appropriate way. Incredible.

This evening I asked him if we should count his trains. He pointed at the first one & went down the line pointing at each one. He knew exactly what I was asking him to do. Again, incredible.

When the boys were throwing leaves Sebastian kept saying he was going to make his pile "really big". Judah said "big" quite a few times after hearing this. He also said "help" a lot. I think he wanted to help Sebastian. Unfortunately Judah's idea of helping was jumping into Sebastian's pile & rolling around, haha.

Today Judah said "mine" & "me" a lot, & appropriately every time. I had told him before going potty that he would get his Cars sticker when he was done. When he was done he got his sticker and said, "Cars!" He was also saying "watch" when he wanted to watch something (usually a movie), or when he wanted me to watch something. He says "watch" sometimes, but today it was much more often. He said "look" a lot today, but that is pretty typical for him. That too is always said appropriately.

Judah is doing so well with going to the potty. He doesn't even fight me anymore. Sometimes it takes him a while to get up & going. If I just give him time (sometimes a lot) he will either come find me & take me to the bathroom or he goes with me after I ask again. Today I showed him the potty card & he took the cards, flipped through them and found the eat card. Then he went to the table & sat down, haha!

At this point I am really seeing how much helping Judah really gets his progress moving. And I love doing it. He is so patient & sweet.

Judah is wearing pull-ups now. He has gotten into that routine effortlessly. The only issue is that his pull-up usually isn't dry when it's potty time. Either he isn't able to hold it until it's time, or he doesn't know how to, or maybe he doesn't understand that he needs to do this. I will take him to the potty more often & see if that helps any.

Scott did the couponing today! Clipping & finding deals took me hours last night - I will start doing that during the week from now on! I couldn't believe it when Scott offered to do the shopping. He knew it was stressing me out. He was so motivated to do it well that he spent HOURS at 2 separate stores getting it all done precisely. He came home with a stock of pull-ups & bags of other items we needed. After that he did the grocery shopping at 3 different stores. His entire Sunday was spent shopping & he didn't complain once. He hit up the natural food stores & got lots of gluten free foods. We are slowly moving food to the garage that is not gluten-free. We also eat it to get rid of it. ;) Willow loves the gluten free cookies. I think Scott is reeling the kids into this much healthier world with gluten-free sweets. He got quite a few today. Unfortunately gluten-free is more expensive, which is even harder because you have no idea if you are going to like what you are buying!

Sebastian has a field trip to Bauman's tomorrow. This will be his first field trip with no parents tagging along. This will also be his first field trip taking a bus! He is so stoked. Scott is putting together Sebastian's field trip lunch right now.

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