Monday, October 14, 2013

Sebastian's First Time On The Bus!

Why are there no medical specialists in Salem? Or maybe Salem just doesn't have the specific specialists we need? From what we are learning the doctors who specialize in certain areas all seem to be practicing in Portland. We are currently looking for a new pediatrician for Judah that will specialize in the care he needs. Today we were in need of a GI doctor because Judah's stomach issues were so, so awful. The closest we could find was a pediatrician who used to specialize in GI issues. She was very helpful though. She is actually ordering blood work & checked him thoroughly today. She also gave us lengthy information about nutrition, GI issues, testing Judah may need, etc. We learned more from her today than we've learned from Judah's usual pediatrician in 2 years. The usual pediatrician treats Judah's constipation issues like they are minor, when they are actually quite extreme. The nurses there are no help either. Both the doctor & nurses tell us to give him a warm bath or more Miralax or perhaps a laxative. It's just got to be more than constipation. There were two times today when it was so bad I was considering calling an ambulance. Judah & I were both crying. Scott called the doctor with this info & we got the same advice we always get - just give him a bath. I'm so thankful we found a pediatrician who is knowledgeable & very proactive in sharing her beliefs that are not considered to be fact in the medical world, but have tons of proof behind them. Not all doctors will talk openly about these things. With Judah's condition there are so many different roads to take & none of them are proven beyond a doubt to be effective. There is no known cure for his condition, so it's imperative that we have a doctor who can help us navigate these roads. His usual doctor basically tells us to try whatever we want & see what happens.

This doctor also told us that supposedly 2 out of 3 autistic children who go gluten-free have progress, and usually right away. She has motivated us even more to go gluten & casein free. We also talked about television and have decided to take her advice on limiting their TV time to 2 hours a day. Judah will be taking vitamin d, probiotics and fish oil from now on.

When we left the doctor Sebastian said that we were going to make some really cool pens today. He had been studying the pens at the receptionist's desk. They had big, fake flowers taped to the top (so people wouldn't steal them). He explained to me exactly how we were going to make these. He is so creative & inspired. I love it.

Sebastian's class took a field trip to Bauman's today. He's gone on this same field trip at his old school many times. This didn't keep him from being any less excited though! This was his first field trip with no parents tagging along & his first time on a bus! There were 70 people on the field trip bus, which had a maximum capacity of 78. When I picked him up I asked him how his first field trip without Mommy or Daddy was. He exclaimed, "It was GREAT!!" When we came home he let me know that the day would soon be even greater. He said today was going to be the "best day ever" because we were going to set up a lemonade stand! He showed me the table in the garage that we would use. He's been hoping to do this for some time. Sadly it's just one of those things that is difficult to make happen, but we'll keep trying to figure it out.

I took Willow & Judah on a morning play date. They both acted surprised that we were out so early on a play date, haha. We missed the walk part of the play date but did make the playground park. Judah & Willow both enjoyed the swings a lot. Trying to get Judah out of one of those baby swings proved to be very difficult though! One of the moms there today was new. She introduced herself to me & shook my hand. Judah then stuck his hand out & shook hands with her, haha. He was very social with the adults today. He was so excited when our play date group arrived at the playground after their walk. He ran up to everyone and said, "Hi!!!"

Sebastian climbed the tree in the front yard as I put up Halloween decorations outside today. At one point he had his small plastic chair on a lower branch. "Mom, is this safe??" he yelled. Apparently he was going to make it his "sitting branch". Thank goodness he called my attention to it! He doesn't usually do that lately.

Yesterday I mentioned that Judah's diapers were still wet throughout the day. Today he had a dry diaper all day long!! I don't know if I was taking him to the potty more, but I was trying to. He was also saying "want" and adding another word to the end. When he wanted out of the swing he said, "want out". When he wanted to eat he said, "want eat". There were others wants that I can't remember right now. It makes me so happy to see such progress. I think "want help" was in there today too. And "help me" happened as well.


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